Travel through the chakras

Representation of the Seven Chakras

We present you with a suggestive travel through the seven chakras, the human body’s centers of energy.

Every month we’ll tackle a different Chakra using yoga exercices, meditations, sound and movement. Each workshop will take place on a saturday morning and its duration will be of one hour and a half.

These activities are open to everyone, to those who already practice yoga and meditation, as well as to people with interest but no experience. The workshops will be practical and anyone can choose to take part in one of them at any given moment or to follow the whole travel with us.

About the Chakras…
Chakra means “wheel” or “energy whirl” in sanskrit. The main chakras are seven and they are placed in the body along the spine, from the sacrum to the crown of the head. They are basic to the body, mind and spirit because their balance depends on them.

The chakras are the privileged places where interaction between man and universe takes place. Each chakra has distinctive functions. When we activate these energy centers, we can awaken and increase certain qualities inside of us, like happiness, creativity, intuition, balance, the ability to communicate…

Workshops that have already taken place at Himalayan Paradise

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