First Chakra Workshop

Mooladhara is the root chakra
Picture taken during the session at Himalayan Paradise
Yoga and Meditation session at Himalayan Paradise
Mooladhara at Himalayan Paradise

During the current year we are going to offer you an interesting travel through the seven chakras, the human body’s energetic centers. Each month we’ll tackle the activation of a different chakra using a diversity of yoga exercices, meditation, vocal expression and movement. Click here to find out more about the Chakras and the whole travel.

Mooladhara, the first chakra.

Stability. Deep roots. A feeling of being welcomed into the world. A connexion to physical strength and health. Confidence, being settled in life.

The first workshop in the travel will be on saturday the 16th of October from 10 to 11:30 am at HIMALAYAN PARADISE and will be led by Delphine Guermeur, yoga teacher and therapist. We’ll focus on the root chakra, MOOLADHARA, which holds the foundations for mental and emotional health.

Unbalance in the root chakra is related to certain illnesses like osteoporosis, sciatica, varicose veins, chronic lumbar pain… and to the following emotional dysfunctions: mental lethargy, vertigo, an unfocused mind, restlessness and problems trying to accomplish objectives. On the opposite, when it works well, a person has a great physical strength and rarely becomes ill; moreover she or he gets a feeling of self-assuredness, has a powerful wish to live in the physical reality and shows a great strength in bad situations. There is a feeling of self-reliance, the person feels they have good grounds, a home, stability…

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