Himalayan Paradise during the Month of Fair Trade

Himalayan Paradise has taken part in the spreading and awareness campaign about fair trade promoted by the Asociación del Sello FAIRTRADE-Comercio Justo (Fairtrade stamp association) during the current month of october 2010, as a way of celebrating the Fair Trade Month in our country.

The association has provided us with printed information about fair trade, signs against child labor and worker’s exploitation and fair trade sugar as a giveaway for our customers, which, added to the fair trade tea tastings we’ve offered at the shop, have helped us give awareness and a tasting of fair trade products to our customers, as well as to give them information about their place of origin, the conditions under which they are manufactured, the working conditions and their social benefits.

From here we’d like to thank the Asociación del Sello del Comercio Justo for their initiative and their support, and thanks to all of our customers for their good reception of the campaign!

Notice appeared on sellocomerciojusto.org about the Fair Trade Month at Himalayan Paradise