Fair Trade


Himalayan Paradise during the Month of Fair Trade


Himalayan Paradise has taken part in the spreading and awareness campaign about fair trade promoted by the Asociación del Sello FAIRTRADE-Comercio Justo (Fairtrade stamp association) during the current month of october 2010,




Chandra is a small crafts workshop just outside of Bhaktapur where magical things happen… About a dozen women, two handicapped people and Mr. Sanu, Sanu Dai to us, work there. Sanu Dai is a man with a great heart, an …Leer más →


Bhaktapur Craft Paper

Bhaktapur Craft Paper

Bhaktapur Craft Paper is a comunity development project through the crafting of paper founded by UNICEF in 1981. It has since developed and grown with the following three main objectives: better the quality of life of poor or disadvantaged people …Leer más →


WSDP: giving chances to disadvantaged women


In January of 2010 we went as far as Pokhara, on the northwest of Nepal, to visit the Woman Skills Development Project cooperative, a very strong project that’s been giving chances to women from the rural areas close to Pokhara …Leer más →


Bhaktpur Pottery


Every pottery product you’ll find at Himalayan Paradise is made at the medieval town of Bhaktapur, one of the three cities in the Kathmandu Valley, in Nepal. This city is catalogued as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in its …Leer más →




Mahaguthi, “Craft with a Conscience” is a fair trade organization that produces, markets and exports Nepal handcrafts. The cooperative is made up from more than a thousand individual producers and about ten other small artisan cooperatives or workshops, 50% of …Leer más →